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The Quatermass conclusion

The Quatermass conclusion

Réalisateur: Piers Haggard (2)

Origine: United Kingdom

Résumé (TE): Influenced by the social and geopolitical situation of the early nineteen-seventies and the hippie youth movement of the late nineteen-sixties, Quatermass is set in a near future in which large numbers of young people are joining a cult, the “Planet People”, and gathering at ancient sites, believing they will be transported to a better life on another planet.

Année de production: 1979

Catégorie: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Note: 5.9

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Acteurs: John Mills (2), Simon MacCorkindale (3), Barbara Kellerman, Margaret Tyzack (3), Brewster Mason, Ralph Arliss (2), Paul Rosebury, Jane Bertish,

Sous-titres :

John Mills

Simon MacCorkindale

Barbara Kellerman

Margaret Tyzack