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Le dieu de la guerre - Zhan shen tan

Le dieu de la guerre - Zhan shen tan

Réalisateur: Yu Wang (2)

Origine: Hong Kong, Taiwan

Résumé (TE): In the waning days of the Ming dynasty, Japanese marauders raid villages on the Chinese coast. A wandering swordsman single-handedly dispatches a group of the foreign thugs, and agrees to help defend the town. He assembles a core team of highly skilled warriors, and together they train the townsfolk to stand up to the foreign pirates, using strategy and skill. When the army launches an all-out assault on the town, a ferocious battle rages, leading to final conflict on the Beach of the War Gods.

Année de production: 1973

Catégorie: Action

Note: 6.6

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Acteurs: Jimmy Wang Yu (2), Fei Lung (2), Yeh Tien, Han Hsieh (4), Yi Kuei Chang, Wei-Hsiung Ho, Hsing Hsieh (2), Blackie Shou Liang Ko,

Sous-titres :

Jimmy Wang Yu

Fei Lung

Yeh Tien

Han Hsieh