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No man's land - Wu ren qu

No man's land - Wu ren qu

Réalisateur: Hao Ning (2)

Origine: China

Résumé (TH): Pan Xiao, a young lawyer, goes to a rural small village settled in the western desert lands of China to handle the case of a falcon poacher who has ran over a policeman. Pan wins the case through sophisticated reasoning and forces the poacher to give him his car as a reward. Then, he just drives back home, but the return will not be an easy one.

Année de production: 2013

Catégorie: Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Western

Note: 7.4

URL (IMDB/Allociné): Suivez ce lien

Acteurs: Zheng Xu, Duobujie, Nan Yu (6), Bo Huang (3), Duo Ba, Hong Guo, Hao Ning (2), Hong Tao,

Zheng Xu


Nan Yu

Bo Huang