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The murderer - Hwanghae

The murderer - Hwanghae

Réalisateur: Hong-jin Na (3)

Origine: South Korea

Résumé (TH): A Korean man in China takes an assassination job in South Korea to make money and find his missing wife. But when the job is botched, he is forced to go on the run from the police and the gangsters who paid him.

Année de production: 2010

Catégorie: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Note: 7.4

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Acteurs: Jung-woo Ha (5), Yun-seok Kim (5), Seong-Ha Cho, Chul-Min Lee, Jae-hwa Kim,

Jung-woo Ha

Yun-seok Kim

Seong-Ha Cho

Chul-Min Lee