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Sept fois femme - Woman times seven

Sept fois femme - Woman times seven

Réalisateur: Vittorio De Sica (11)

Origine: Italy, France, USA

Résumé (TB): Seven mini-stories of adultery: "Funeral Possession," a wayward widow at her husband's funeral; "Amateur Night," angry wife becomes streetwalker out of revenge; "Two Against One," seemingly prudish girl turns out otherwise; "Super Simone," wife vainly attempts to divert her over-engrossed writer husband; "At the Opera," a battle over a supposedly exclusive dress; "Suicides," a death pact; "Snow," would-be suitor is actually a private detective hired by jealous husband.

Année de production: 1967

Catégorie: Comedy, Drama

Note: 6.1

URL (IMDB/Allociné): Suivez ce lien

Acteurs: Shirley MacLaine (11), Elspeth March, Peter Sellers (9), Rossano Brazzi (4), Laurence Badie (3), Judith Magre (8), Catherine Samie (2), Zanie Campan,

Sous-titres :

Shirley MacLaine

Elspeth March

Peter Sellers

Rossano Brazzi